House GOP Prepares to Battle Obama EPA Pick

Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, says President Obama's nomination of Gina McCarthy to be administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency will damage the nation's economy.

On "Power Play with Chris Stirewalt," Thornberry, who has represented the Texas Panhandle since 1995, said he expected to see an even more aggressive push on global warming regulations if she is confirmed.

"I would expect no change except a greater urgency to pursue this extreme, anti-fossil fuel agenda," Thornberry said. "Which will also continue to hurt the economy."

McCarthy is currently in charge of the EPA's air regulations and is the principal author of the restrictions on coal-fired power plants that industry leaders say spell the end of the use of coal for electricity.

Thornberry said that while Obama would likely veto any legislation aimed at curtailing EPA authority, he suggested that a bipartisan coalition in Congress might be able to shut down enough funding for the agency to prevent full implementation of the controversial regulation.

"It reduces the amount of damage they can do to the economy," Thornberry declared.