Hillary Clinton Watches Husband DNC Speech Halfway Around the World

CHARLOTTE -- Secretary Hillary Clinton may not be attending the Democratic National Convention this week, but absent she is not.

Introducing her husband President Clinton, Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren praised him as "an amazing man who had the good sense to marry one of the coolest women on the planet."

That "cool woman" is one busy Secretary of State, currently on a multi-country tour. Clinton is missing her first Democratic convention since 1968, banned from attending the political event by various federal statues and State Department ethical guidelines. But the former first lady tuned into her husband's remarks Wednesday night online, from the U.S. Embassy in East Timor.

"It was great!" she told reporters traveling with her in Asia. Secretary Clinton called President Clinton from her car, on her way to the airport just minutes after he praised her one time opponent.

"He appointed Cabinet members who supported Hillary in the primaries," Clinton told the crowd in Charlotte, "Heck, he even appointed Hillary!" A far different cry from four years ago when teams Obama and Clinton clashed after a brutal primary. These days, Secretary Clinton is the most popular politician in office, and President Clinton has been tapped by the Obama campaign in a very necessary role to raise funds and rally independent voters.

Some expected Bill Clinton's convention speech would be more about setting up his wife for a presidential run in 2016 rather than supporting the incumbent president Obama. Clinton didn't get a final draft of his speech to team Obama until after 7:30pm - just hours before he spoke - further escalating the rumors that the former president would go off script.

Clinton spoke for nearly fifty minutes, and did stray from his prepared remarks, but the morning report from Obama camp was that the big dog did his job. "He did exactly what we hoped," Senior Strategist David Axelrod said on CBS This Morning.

But the buzz of a possible Hillary Clinton run in 2016 started before the former President mentioned his popular wife. After the keynote address Tuesday night by rising democratic star Julian Castro, Mayor of San Antonio, long-time Hillary supporters started internet campaigns for a Clinton-Castro 2016 dream ticket.

Secretary Clinton plans to leave office next year, whether President Obama is re-elected or not. She has publically stated that she's done with politics and doesn't see a future in elected office.