Health Care Overhaul Will Become Law Tuesday; Details on the Signing

After over a year of fierce debate, countless public town halls, momentous Presidential and Congressional speeches and even a televised Democratic/Republican joint health care summit, President Obama will finally lay pen to paper on a health care reform bill Tuesday at 11:15am, Fox News has learned.

The President will be joined by members of the House and Senate who supported the bill's passage, but also by the average citizens whose stories Mr. Obama has told over the course of the past year in pushing the overhaul.

A full list hasn't been released publicly yet, but White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters, having those average citizens there will "help demonstrate exactly why the President did what he did for so long and who this impacts the most."

Speaking of impact, Gibbs says some of the bill's effects will be felt this year, "[W]hen the president signs this landmark legislation, the American people will, in the next several months, begin to feel through small business tax credits, through protections against children being declared or having declared that they have a preexisting condition, seniors getting help with their prescription drugs, the type of things that the president envisioned happening as a part of health care reform."