Green groups fillet 'five fatal defects' of Trump's legal claims in EPA case

Environmentalists and Democratic state officials on Wednesday hit back at President Trump's attempt to stop a federal court from finishing its review of Obama-era climate regulations by detailing to judges the "five fatal defects" of his legal arguments to do so.

The Trump administration asked the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals last week to refrain from ruling on the Clean Power Plan until the Environmental Protection Agency has time to review the climate rule with the intent of rolling is back completely.

A coalition of environmental groups, together with over a dozen states defending the Obama-era climate rule, submitted their response in court to the Trump request.

"The motion comes at the latest possible stage of the Court's review of the current Rule—after more than six months of deliberation following a full day en banc oral argument and almost a year after the conclusion of briefing—and is premised upon the earliest possible stage of a review of the Rule that may lead to a new rulemaking of indeterminate length and outcome," read a brief submitted by the green groups.