Governor Jan Brewer, R-AZ., doesn't understand why President Barack Obama has yet to RSVP to her invitation to tour the border separating Arizona and Mexico.

Brewer tells Fox news she invited him two years ago and has heard nothing.

"For the president not to respond to my letters and my pleadings and for me to receive information via the media, rather than directly from his staff, or in a letter, this is unbelievable to me," Brewer said.The governor said it's frustrating to get updates on her border via television.

"He corresponds with me through the media or at his pep rallies,it's simply not right" Brewer said.

Just this week, at an immigration reform speech in El Paso, Texas, President Obama said his administration has, "tripled the number of intelligence analysts working at the border, deployed unmanned aerial vehicles to patrol the skies from Texas to California. We have forged a partnership with Mexico to fight the transnational criminal organizations that have affected both of our countries."

Brewer says she's grateful for the extra patrols, but that's not enough especially because she says Obama has begun withdrawing National Guard members from the border.

"He said he would keep them there until September. He never notified me of that. I don't know if they're coming, going or staying, there is no communication," Brewer said.

Tolleah Price and Lexi Stemple contributed to this post.