GOP Worries RNC Has Insufficient Money for November Elections

The Republican National Committee had one of its best fund-raising months ever in March, despite growing internal criticism of its chairman, Michael Steele, and broader concerns of inadequate funding.

The RNC said it raised $11.4 million in the month, according to a committee spokesman. That was the most the RNC has raised in March of a congressional-election year. It was also the RNC's best fund-raising month since Mr. Steele took over at the RNC.

Subtracting what they spent in March, the RNC added $2 million to its cash on hand, bring its total to $11.3 million in the bank.

The development comes as Republican officials and big donors are complaining that the RNC has insufficient money to help the party's candidates in advance of the November elections.

The RNC's finances have sprung to prominence due to recent revelations that Mr. Steele has spent thousands of dollars on private jets, and that a mid-level official approved a $1,946 charge at a risqué Los Angeles nightclub.

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