A Texas congressman wants to go out with a bang.

Republican Rep. Steve Stockman, who is leaving Congress after an unsuccessful Senate bid, is pushing a bill calling for a public firing range in Washington, D.C.; the District currently does not have any.

The bill was introduced in late November, apparently aimed at helping local gun enthusiasts who have to travel to Maryland and Virginia for firing practice.

But the proposal has no co-sponsors, and likely is not a top priority in the last two weeks of the congressional session.

The District's lone congressional delegate, Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton, has denounced the bill, and released a statement calling its introduction "one last chance to bully the District of Columbia."

Stockman is no stranger to controversy, particularly when it comes to guns.

Last year, he proposed the slogan, "If babies had guns, they wouldn't be aborted." A month later he tweeted a giveaway for an AR-15 rifle with the message "Grab this gun before Obama does!"

In this session, the Republican lawmaker also has introduced a bill that calls for D.C. to toss out their red-light cameras under the so-called "Safer American Streets Act."