Gingrich: Democrats Want to Impose 'Secular-Socialist Machine'

Democrats are trying to impose a "secular-socialist machine" rejected by most Americans, an unapologetic Newt Gingrich said Sunday.

The former House speaker described Democrats as "secular" because those in power in government are beset by a "relentless anti-religious bias"; "socialist" because the Obama administration wants to determine salaries, own corporations and provide health care; and a "machine" because the agenda is being pushed robotically without concern for people standing in the way.

"When you have a pay czar in the White House who thinks that they have enough power and knowledge to set the salaries for hundreds of people in dozens of companies, in an industry they've never been in -- I mean, if that's not socialist -- if the government is the largest owner of General Motors and Chrysler, the largest funder of AIG -- they just nationalized student loans so they're now all 100 percent government program," Gingrich told "Fox News Sunday."

"If you can get $757 billion out of the Congress and no elected official has even read the bill, that's the behavior of a Chicago-style machine," Gingrich added.

Gingrich, who just published the explosive book “To Save America,” cited polls showing greater than 50 percent of Americans want to repeal the health care law.

He also noted that a federal judge has declared the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional, "which if it weren't so serious it would be laughable."

Gingrich described the case of two Connecticut lawmakers who have introduced legislation that would keep Catholics from working in emergency rooms because of their objections to performing certain procedures.

Gingrich said that he stands by his argument that the "secular-socialist machine" represents as great a threat to America as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, not in the sense of the immorality of those deadly regimes, but as a "threat to our way of life."

"The degree to which the secular-socialist left represents a fundamental replacement of America, a very different world view, a very different outcome, I think is a very serious threat to our way of life.

Echoing Republican arguments of the 1980s, Gingrich also is calling for the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Education to be abolished and replaced. He said it's impossible to reform an agency that has spent two generations recruiting antibusiness, anticommercial bureaucrats.

On Social Security, Gingrich said he wants people to be able to manage their own accounts based on their personal contributions to the fund. Returning to the question of whether the stock market is a safe enough place to house retirement investments given recent volatility,

Gingrich said someone retiring today who has been investing for 30 years is ahead of the current "transfer system."

"When Social Security paid its first check, there were 42 taxpayers for every recipient. When my grandchildren, who are eight and 10, get to be Social Security recipients, there may well be two taxpayers for every recipient. You can't sustain that," he said.