Frustrated Resident Dumps Concrete in Front of Town Hall in Massachusetts

A frustrated property owner has confessed to dumping concrete blocks on the front lawn of the municipal offices in Kingston, Mass. -- and he says state and local officials drove him to do it.

Glenn Priolo dumped the concrete from a 10-wheel truck on Thursday after he lost his driveway and the ground elevation of his house to a state highway widening project, Fox News affiliate MyFoxBoston reported.

He claims the town promised to help pay for grading and a new driveway but then reneged on its pledge two and half years later.

"They did lie, plain and simple," he said. "If they had just told the truth we could have maybe resolved it."

The pile of cement covered a grass area in the front of the municipal building. Police said they will charge Priolo with felony malicious damage and motor vehicle trespassing.

"I will say this, he is very apologetic," said Sgt. Tim Ballinger of the Kingston Police Department. "He realized what he did was wrong at the time. But from his statements he made, he was at his wit's end."

But the selectman of Kingston says this is no way to handle a dispute.

"This is not the way to bolster your case," said Selectman Dennis Randall. "I mean, if you want to get attention you can go streaking across a ball field. But you're not going to necessarily to get people's respect or agreement."

Police plan to seek a criminal complaint against Priolo in court on Monday even though he has pledged to help pay for the cleanup. Priolo says he has been left holding the bag.

"The state doesn't agree with fixing the yard, the town has no money, they don’t agree," he said. "So I figured if they want to leave my front yard like that, I'll give them a little of it back in their front yard. I took it all out. I'm just giving it back, they can dispose of it."