Fox News contributor releases unedited footage of fight at union rally

Conservative comedian Steven Crowder on Thursday released unedited footage from the pro-union rally in Michigan where he was punched in the face.

The 9-minute video, posted online, shows a chaotic scene in Michigan's capital earlier this month, before so-called "right-to-work" legislation was approved. Leading up to the incident, Crowder, a Fox News contributor, could be seen in a string of tense encounters and discussions with demonstrators.

What actually instigated the physical confrontation is unclear. The protester in question could be seen falling to the ground as Crowder turned to him. He then got up and wailed on Crowder, who pushed back, before the two were broken up.

Crowder later left the scene, while being trailed by a union protester who warned him to "get the f--- out of my state."

Crowder has since claimed the protester who punched him had fallen because he tripped over a peg on the tent that union protesters were tearing down -- the tent was set up by conservative group Americans for Prosperity.

Watch the video for yourself:

[youtube 6w_ze-2r9c4]