FOX NEWS -- 11 P.M. DECISION DESK CALLS - California, Idaho

In California's Senate race, FOX News now projects that Sen. Barabara Boxer will hold on to win another term - her fourth. Her Republican opponent, businesswoman Cary Fiorina, had been close, but the state's strong Democratic leanings have saved Boxer.

In California, FOX News can also project that Democrat Jerry Brown will return to the governors' mansion. Brown will defeat tech CEO Meg Whitman in their hugely expensive, often ugly, contest. Brown was governor of the state from 1975 to 1983.

And, FOX News can now project that a proposal to make marijuana legal in the state of California will fail.

In Idaho, FOX News can now project that Republican Sen. Mike Crapo (CRAY-po) will win a third term in the Senate. He faced a nominal challenge from Democrat Tom Sullivan.

Also, FOX projects that Idaho Governor Butch Otter will be reelected. Democrat Keith Alred provided little challenge.

FOX News can project that Democrat Ron Wyden will be re-elected. Wyden, who first was elected, in 1992, had little trouble with Republican challenger Jim Huffman