Fournier on Hillary Clinton’s news conference: ‘Unbelievable’

National Journal’s Ron Fournier said Tuesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that while Hillary Clinton took questions from the press today -- for the first time in 28 days --  her answers on some ethical issues were “unbelievable.”

On the email scandal that has rocked her campaign, Clinton claimed she wanted the 55 thousand pages of official emails released to the public “as soon as they can get out,” but said they belong to the State Department.

“I literally spit my coffee on my laptop when she said that. It’s just inconceivable, laughable,” Fournier said. “She’s got copies of them. She could have brought them to the news conference. So that was totally unbelievable.”

Fournier also said he couldn’t take seriously Clinton’s response on the issue of her paid speeches.

“She said there’s no conflict of interest between her doing speeches for folks who are doing business with government. Well, of course there’s a conflict of interest.”

Fournier concluded this all adds up to a credibility problem for the presidential hopeful.

“It’s this whole trust and credibility issue. It’s become an anvil in her campaign,” he said.