Former Clinton Aide Joins White House Communications Department

The White House pumping up its Communications shop by hiring Clinton administration veteran Jennifer Palmieri.

She'll be replacing Jen Psaki, former deputy communications director who recently left to work for a democratic polling firm.

Palmieri currently works for the think tank the Center for American Progress as a senior vice president.

She has a long track record of high profile positions and will give the White House some deep connections heading into an election year.

Palmieri was DNC press secretary in 2002 and Edwards campaign in 2004 and she also worked in both terms of Bill Clinton's presidency. She started her D.C. career under then Congressman Leon Panetta, D-Calif., who is now the Defense Secretary.

The White House has been shaking up its communication staff over the last year, as many staffers left to work out of Chicago on President Obama's re-election campaign.

Fox News' Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry contributed to this report.