Florida Governor: Feds Should Stay out of My State

Florida's Republican governor Rick Scott is confident ahead of a ruling expected Monday on the largest legal challenge to President Barack Obama's health care law yet. "We're going to do everything we can to make sure that bill goes away, gets repealed. It's unconstitutional," Scott tells Fox News.

Monday's ruling involves Florida and 25 other states. It will be the 4th legal challenge to Obama's health care law.

Before, during and after his successful campaign for governor, Rick Scott has long been a critic of President Obama's federal health care law. In fact, he used $5 million of his own money to start the Conservatives for Patients' Rights group to oppose it. Scott tells Fox News, "I organized Conservatives for Patients' Rights when President Obama got elected to make sure the right thing happened in health care."

Scott says he plans to roll out one of the most conservative state budgets ever on Monday. And now that he's governor, he contends federally mandated health care coverage will make it very hard for states like his to balance their budgets.

"They shouldn't being telling me how I spend my money. My job is to figure out how I run my state. They should stay out of those decisions," Scott contends.

He calls the health care law "the biggest job killer ever", adding that he "has companies all over Florida saying, 'look, I am not going to hire now until I know what is going to happen.' "

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