Fiorina scoops up nearly two dozen new endorsements in Iowa

Carly Fiorina accepted nearly two dozen new endorsements in Iowa Tuesday, ranging from several state representatives to small business owners and leaders in the local veteran community.

The former business executive and Republican presidential candidate secured the support of Iowa state Reps. Clel Baudler, Josh Byrnes and Lee Hein, as well as State Sen. David Johnson who endorsed then-Texas Gov. Rick Perry during the 2012 election cycle.

"I think Carly is electable. I think she is tough enough to deal with any of these foreign leaders, including [Russian President] Vladimir Putin," Baudler said in a recent statement.

"I believe with her business experience, her ability to communicate, and her fearlessness to take on the tough challenges we face today, she has demonstrated that she is qualified," he added Tuesday in a statement released by Fiorina's leading political action committee, CARLY for America.