Fiorina 'outraged' over Obama's ISIS stance

strong>ORLANDO, Fla. — Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina railed against President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Saturday, claiming the two Democrats make her "angry" for myriad reasons.

"Like all of you, I am angry," the female GOP hopeful told Florida Republicans at the 2015 Sunshine Summit.

"I am profoundly disappointed that our own president cannot bring himself to speak with the same clarity of purpose as do [French] President Francois Hollande and [British] Prime Minister David Cameron," Fiorina said in her reaction to Obama's response to the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris Friday night.

"[I am] angry that just yesterday morning, hours before the Paris attacks began and against all the evidence, President Obama declared ISIS 'contained' and took a victory lap," she noted, adding, "they are not a JV team, Mr. President. They are not contained. They are at our shores and their measure of victory is the body count."

Fiorina continued, turning her attention to Clinton. "I am angry that Hillary Clinton dares to ask 'what difference does it make' how four Americans died in Benghazi. And then she tells us that we must empathize with our enemies.