Exclusive: Super PAC unveils first ad in support of Marco Rubio

The pro-Marco Rubio super PAC Conservative Solutions is unveiling its first TV ad looking to amplify and support the Florida senator's quest to be the first Latino president in history by using his back story as a centerpiece.

"He believes in the American Dream because he has lived it," the narrator in the ad states as music plays in the background.

The TV spot then describes his Cuban-American parents leaving a Fidel Castro-ruled Cuba for a better life.

"His parents fled a dictatorship then worked their way to a better life. One of opportunities," the narrator says, as images of his telegenic family members are displayed on the screen.

"A young man in a hurry, he took on the Republican establishment and won," the ad continues, while showing photos of his 2010 Senate race where he defeated ‎the sitting governor Charlie Crist.

The line can also be used now, as opponents, like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, are attacking him for what they consider a lack of experience.

In a memo to the PAC's donors obtained by Fox News, the heads of the group Warren Tompkins and Jon Lerner detail why they feel Rubio is the best candidate in the field.

"When you consider all angles, as we do, we believe there are really only four candidates with a reasonable chance of becoming the Republican nominee: Senator Marco Rubio, Dr. Ben Carson, Donald Trump, and Senator Ted Cruz. " Warren Tompkins and Jon Lerner of Conservative Solutions write in the memo. " When  you look on to the general election against Hillary Clinton, we are convinced that Marco gives the GOP its best chance to win."

The Clinton Machine itself openly acknowledges that Marco is the candidate they most fear."

While the PAC has not decided when or where to run the 60-second ad, the ‎group believes it "captures the essence of what Marco's candidacy is all about."