Emerging Scenarios on House Weekend Sessions for Reconciliation

The reconcilation Kabuki dance is now starting in the Senate. But that doesn’t mean everything is done in the House. If there are major Senate changes, the bill gets bounced back to the House for another set of votes.

Which could mean the House is here over this weekend(AGAIN) or comes back at some point next week.

So, the conundrum for House leaders is what to do with their members with a big recess coming up for Easter and Passover.

Scenario 1) The House finishes up on Friday, as it was expected to do and is out for two weeks.

Secnario 2) House Democratic leaders are also anxious to get lawmakers home early to “message” the health care bill. That means they could cut folks loose as early as Wednesday or Thursday.

But those scenarios might not be prudent if the Senate runs into problems with reconcilation. Which brings us to a few other scenarios.

Scenario 3) The House cuts lawmakers loose at the end of the week with the understanding that they’ll bring them back next week after Passover.

Scenario 4) This is the most likely scenario. The House hangs around (again) for another weekend session, hoping the Senate moves quickly (Right!) and is essentially “on call” but doing other things in case the Senate needs the House.

More as I get it. But we are a LONG way from finished here, sportsfans.