Donald Trump Reacts to Huntsman Taunts

The Huntsman campaign team loves to launch Twitter attacks and their newest target, Donald Trump, has taken the bait.

Huntsman "has zero chance of getting the nomination," Trump tweeted Thursday. "Whoever said I wanted to meet him? Time is money and I don't waste mine."

Not much time elapsed before Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller put up this comeback, saying Huntsman "isn't wasting his time w/ Presidential Apprentice.  His focus is on real solutions to fix our economy," a reference to Donald Trump's show Celebrity Apprentice.

Arrows started flying out of the Huntsman campaign Monday when Miller skewered the much hyped Donald Trump - Mitt Romney meeting in New York City with colorful Tweets like this one: "On the agenda for the Romney/Trump summit. Should I run for President? Or should I grade Gary Busey's biz acumen" (and it linked to a wacky picture of Busey, who was a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice).

After Romney dodged a throng of media following his meeting with Trump, Miller publicly messaged, "I wonder if the same PI's Trump used in his search for the birth certificate were in charge of sneaking Mitt into Trump Towers," in reference to Trump's questioning of President Obama's birth certificate early in the political season, only to find that producing a bulletproof one of his own could be tricky.

Trump, who's arguably a master at self-publicity, has held court with several high profile politicians.  He recently took Rick Perry for a fancy meal at the restaurant Jean Georges. Sarah Palin was treated to a public pizza slice.  Michelle Bachmann has visited with him.  And next week he's scheduled to meet with the newest candidate to arguably enter the top tier: Herman Cain.