Billionaire green energy activist Tom Steyer may have been shut down in his bid to elect a slate of hand-picked governors and U.S. senators, but don't count him out just yet.

The PAC he founded is stacked with officers who have Hillary Clinton on speed dial, a California Supreme Court justice as a spouse and former colleagues in the White House.

And a Nov. 24 Federal Election Commission report showed that NextGen Climate Action Committee still has $4.7 million cash on hand after spending $72.9 million in a failed attempt to elect Democratic governors in Florida and Maine and senators in Colorado, Michigan and Iowa. Steyer donated $67 million of that amount.

So what's next?

NextGen didn't respond to an interview request to answer that question.

A mainstay in the press during the months before the election, Steyer and his PAC have been mum. The homepage of NextGen proclaims, "This is a fight we will win," seemingly a rallying cry to its troops until you click on the link and see that the message is before Nov. 4.

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