Democrats Looking to Hold Senate in Session Until Late Monday

Senate Democrats are looking to hold the chamber in session until late tonight, a senior Senate Democratic leadership aide tells Fox, as a way to further highlight what they say is Republican obstruction on a key bill to rein in Wall Street.

Democrats will continue to ask unanimous approval of all members to start debate on the financial regulatory reform bill.

Polls show Americans are moving more and more toward tighter controls on financial institutions, and freshmen Democrats have told leadership they want this kind of confrontation with Republicans.

"They're lining up speakers for tonight to remain in the chamber," the aide said.

Meanwhile, bipartisan negotiations continue between Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd, D-CT, and Ranking Member Richard Shelby, R-AL.

But Republicans are poised to introduce an alternative bill, should the negotiations go south. One senior GOP aide said Monday that negotiations "are not yet at that point," but Republicans are prepared after this cloture vote to outline, for instance, how they would wind down failing companies.