Dem Senator: You Washingtonians, You're Just a Bunch o' Babies!

You DC people -- you're just a bunch of babies, though you can be forgiven for being a bit freaked out by this historic blizzard. That's the message from the Senate's No. 2  Democrat, Dick Durbin of Illinois (down state), although it wasn't exactly his intended message.

In a Senate floor speech intended to thank the tireless workers at the Capitol, the Capitol Police and the amazing staff from the Architect's office working overtime shoveling snow, plowing snow, sprinkling the salt-like stuff on the ground, Durbin went off on something of a tangent, razzing Washingtonians for the way they usually handle snowstorms, this one excluded.

"I'm convinced that infants born in Washington, DC, are taken from the arms of their loving mothers right when they’re born into a room where someone shows a film of a snowstorm with shrieking and screaming, so that those children come to believe that snow is a mortal enemy, like a nuclear attack," Durbin said Thursday.

Durbin was quick to note his bona fides in judging the natives here in DC--- he went to college here, law school, has been in Congress, well, decades. And there’s that (frat) house he shares with Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY.

And he went on with his rhetorical spanking.

"I've seen, in over 40 years here, people go into full scale panic at the thought of a snowfall," Durbin said, "And we joke about it. Those of us from parts of the country where we get some snow and we know how to live with it, can’t get over how crazy the reaction is many times."

Durbin then pulled the speech up a bit, finally getting to that praise, "In fairness, this has been a heck of a snow storm. It's the largest on record in Washington DC." And to those who work to keep the Capitol safe, those policemen and snow shovelers, "They have done an exceptional job."


And with a grin, Durbin brought it full circle, "To the folks in Washington, DC: this was a heckuva snowstorm. You had every right to be concerned. Some of the other ones (storms), maybe not, but this one was the real deal."