It's a viral video on the debt debate that's caught the attention of D.C. and beyond - and it almost never happened.

Remy Munasifi, star of the "Raise the Debt Ceiling" rap video, says he and fellow collaborator Meredith Bragg thought lawmakers would reach an agreement before they could finish the video.

"We didn't think we'd have enough time. I kept saying, ‘Aw, they're going to solve it tomorrow,'" said Munasifi during a Sunday interview with Fox News. "Days became weeks, and so finally last week we were like ‘let's just do it.'"

Turns out, the extended bickering on Capitol Hill gave them more than enough time to complete the rap.

"Folks are paying attention to the debate and this puts hopefully an entertaining spin on it," Munasifi told Fox News.

Clad in sunglasses, a shiny jumpsuit and fake bling, Munasifi drops verses like, "You're looking for some cash it's about to get heavy / I got some big ol' piles of money and guess what -- they shovel ready."

When asked about the jumpsuit, Munasifi said he bought it online.

"It is 100% polyester and if you are walking around in D.C. at the end of July, I highly recommend it," he joked.

At the time this blog was published, the video had nearly a 250,000 hits on YouTube. If you haven't caught it yet, you can view it here.

Munasifi says this isn't his last web video, so stay tuned.