Dan Rather largely absent from new 'Rathergate' movie

A new movie about the forged Killian documents that undid Dan Rather's career at CBS in 2004 only features a few scenes involving Rather, who is played by Robert Redford.

At two hours in length, "Truth," which centers on how the controversy unfolded at "60 Minutes," only features Rather's character in about a dozen scenes, even though today Rather is entirely synonymous with the fallout.

The movie instead makes Mary Mapes, then the producer of "60 Minutes," the focus of the story and casts her as the overwhelming driving force behind the scandal that threatened to cost President George W. Bush a second term.

Journalists who have seen the movie have said that it makes "heroes" out of Rather, Mapes and their team, despite the fact that documents they used to prove Bush had gone AWOL during his time at the National Guard turned out to be fraudulent.

Asked Wednesday during a screening in Washington, D.C., what he says to critics who believe the film is an attempt to exonerate him, Dan Rather was defiant.

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