Cruz: Rubio running in the 'moderate lane'

Ted Cruz sized up the Republican presidential race and cast Marco Rubio as his moderate opponent during the Washington Examiner's Your Choice, Your Voice Teleforum.

"Historically in the Republican primary, there have been two major lanes: there's been a moderate establishment lane and there's been a conservative lane," Cruz said. "And what I am very encouraged by is this year, that whole dynamic has flipped. The moderates, there are four, five, or six candidates fighting in the moderate lane, they have millions of dollars apiece and I think they're going to spend that money ripping each other apart. And at this point, it's not clear who will win the moderate lane. It does appear Jeb Bush sees Marco Rubio as his greatest threat in the moderate lane. And the two are battling ferociously back and forth."

The Texas senator said he thinks the moderate candidates are behaving like conservatives on the campaign trail, but once the race narrows down to just two candidates Cruz said he will run away with the nomination. Cruz ranks second in the Washington Examiner's GOP presidential power rankings.