'Crazy' to pay woman protester to be ObamaCare navigator, Kansas official says

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach told Megyn Kelly Friday it was “crazy” to give a woman who had stormed his property earlier this year taxpayer money to be an ObamaCare “navigator.”

Kobach said on “The Kelly File” that the woman, identified as Veronica Miranda, had appeared with “four busloads of her friends” at his home near Kansas City in June. Kobach, a strong opponent of illegal immigration, and his family were not there at the time.

“She was more than trespassing,” he said. “She was attempting to intimidate a public official.”

He added that while she was free to protest in front of his office, “it crosses the line when you go to someone’s home and attempt to intimidate them.

“Now someone engaged in that kind of tactic is getting taxpayer money to implement ObamaCare. It’s crazy.”

Noting that signing up for ObamaCare could also mean divulging sensitive personal information, he added, “doling out $67 million to people like this to handle people’s sensitive medical information, it defies common sense.”