When women’s mag Cosmopolitan met with Chelsea Clinton in February, they gave her the kid-glove treatment, asking whether she’d live in the White House if her mother wins and whether she had “fun moments” to share. But when the same interviewer sat down this week with Ivanka Trump, those gloves came off.

Prachi Gupta, senior writer at Cosmopolitan, gave Ivanka Trump agrilling Wednesday over her father’s newly unveiled child care policies, which include a mandatory six weeks of paid leave for new working moms.

Not being a candidate herself, and being interviewed by a women’s mag that predominantly writes about fashion and celebrity news, Trump may have thought she’d be given a comfortable platform to talk about maternity leave and perhaps how her father’s policy broke with Republican orthodoxy.

No such luck. First question: “Why did the Trump campaign wait so long to release this policy?”

Then, Gupta asked why the policy did not cover paternity leave for gay men: “Well, what about gay couples, where both partners are men?”

Ivanka responded, “The policy is fleshed out online, so you can go see all the elements of it. But the original intention of the plan is to help mothers in recovery in the immediate aftermath of childbirth.”

Gupta kept pressing the issue. “So I just want to be clear that, for same-sex adoption, where the two parents are both men, they would not be receiving special leave for that because they don't need to recover or anything?” she asked.

“Well, those are your words, not mine,” Trump responded. “Those are your words. The plan, right now, is focusing on mothers, whether they be in same-sex marriages or not.”

Gupta then asked Trump if she would “talk a little bit” about comments Trump made 12 years ago when he described pregnancy as an “inconvenience” for business.

It is at this point, Trump objected to the line of questioning.

“So I think that you have a lot of negativity in these questions, and I think my father has put forth a very comprehensive and really revolutionary plan to deal with a lot of issues. So I don't know how useful it is to spend too much time with you on this if you're going to make a comment like that,” she said.

Apparently undeterred, Gupta asked how several of her dad's plans would be paid for. After saying that balancing the budget would be part of his tax reform plan, Trump ended the interview.

“I'm going to jump off, I have to run. I apologize,” she said.

Gupta was immediately praised on social media for her tough questions.

However, that hard-hitting method did not seem to be applied when Gupta interviewed Chelsea Clinton in February. Questions included:

  • “What do you think of [Donald Trump’s] attacks on your parents?”
  • “What are the three biggest issues young American women face today, and how will Hillary Clinton's campaign address those issues?”
  • “Has there been any family time on the campaign trail? If so, do you have any interesting or fun moments you can tell us about?”
  • “If Hillary Clinton were elected president, would you and your family move into the White House?”

Clinton was allowed to talk in depth on each question, and apparently was not challenged about any of her answers.

Ivanka Trump declined to comment, but a source close to her told FoxNews.com: “Ivanka's focus raising awareness of these issues among a broader more bi-partisan audience have significantly increased the likelihood of this type of legislation being passed during the next administration – whether it is Democratic or Republican."

"It’s disappointing that such a respected women’s publication  would be so dismissive of these proposed policies which clearly advance the cause of helping women and families of all backgrounds, simply because of their feelings about the Republican nominee,” the source said, adding that the interview was scheduled as a brief conversation, and that Trump answered all the questions, and didn't duck out early.

Gupta did not respond to a request for comment from FoxNews.com.