Conservative group launches $5.5M ad campaign against Obama in battlegrounds

In the latest big-money buy from an outside group, Americans for Prosperity is launching a $5.5 million ad blitz across six battleground states, has learned.

The ad, to be announced publicly Wednesday morning, will take the well-traveled road of criticizing President Obama for saying recently that the private sector's "doing fine."

"How can our president be so out of touch?" the narrator in the ad asks. "How can he fix the economy if he doesn't know what's wrong? ... The private sector is not doing fine."

Mitt Romney has hammered his opponent nonstop for the gaffe, which appears destined for a starring role in GOP ads and stump speeches for at least the next several weeks.

With the six-state ad buy, the conservative group has now dropped $20 million on its anti-Obama effort since last fall.

The ad, titled "Doing Fine," will air for 10 days starting Wednesday in Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.