Congressional Calendar March 18, 2010

Numbers! Language! Finally! Senior House Democratic Congressional sources tell Fox News that the Congressional Budget Office scores for the health care reconciliation bill will be released to the world on Thursday. The legislation should get posted online around 12:00p as well. Before that, the Democratic caucus gets together to hold a closed meeting to discuss the numbers at 9:00a. We’ll be staking that out live and expect to get plenty of reaction. The numbers should also help to move the scales on our whip count, which currently stands at 212-219. Will the CBO scores be enough to get Democrats the four votes they need to pass the bill?

On the other side of the aisle, House and Senate Republicans plan to meet at 8:45a for a closed-door conference meeting in the House chamber. Afterwards at 9:45a, House and Senate leaders will address the media to discuss their meeting and their efforts to derail the Democrats' health care overhaul legislation ahead of what looks to be a huge legacy vote on the House floor this weekend.

Other health care pressers are scheduled for later in the day on various topics contained in the massive bill, but once the CBO scores and the final legislative language arrive they will take up most of the health care oxygen.

Tomorrow looks to be a very fluid news environment on Capitol Hill, so stay tuned to Fox News for all the latest developments…