Comedian Makes Rap Video About Debt-Ceiling Crisis

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If the details of the current debt-crisis debate have you scratching your head, one would-be rapper seeks to add clarity with a hilarious send-up that will have you bobbing your head.

Comedian and performer Remy has released a flashy video called “Raise the Debt Ceiling,” in which he sports sunglasses, a crooked cap and a gold dollar sign around his neck as he raps about an arcane subject to a delicious, crowd-pleasing beat.

“$14 trillion in debt/but yo we ain’t go no qualms,” he raps. “Dropping $100 bills and million dollar bombs.”

Social Security surplus? Oh guess what? It’s gone/I got my hands on everything like Dominique Strauss-Kahn.”

The chorus simply goes: “Raise da debt ceiling! Raise da debt ceiling! Raise da debt ceiling!”

“All up in the Fed and we’re living in style/spending lots of money while we sipping Cristal,” he continues. “Still making it rain and yet it be so pleasing/did I say make it rain? I mean quantitative easing!”

ReasonTV, a website affiliated with Reason, the libertarian magazine, produced the video in its third collaboration with Remy.

Remy has been making videos since 2006, including “Two Percent Milk,” and “Eggs Over Easy,” according to a bio on his website.

The new rap comes at an opportune time, as President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner have taken their cases to the public in nationally televised speeches Monday night, one week before the government runs out of money to pay all of its bills.