Clinton’s email server firm scrubs ‘data-disposal’ references from website

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The firm Hillary Clinton hired to manage her private email server quietly removed information from its website in recent days, including references to its partnership with a Colorado data-scrubbing company.

Platte River Networks, the Denver-based company that hosted Clinton’s email server, deleted several pages from its website, including a section about how it outsources its data-disposal work to a local firm called Techno Rescue. That page appears to have been removed earlier this month, but can still be viewed in a cached version on major search engines.

On the now-removed page, Platte River Networks said it provided its customers with “complimentary e-waste technology recycling” through its partnership with Techno Rescue, including the “disposal of data still residing on old technology.”

“In order to ensure our customers recycle responsibly, we provide them complimentary e-waste technology recycling,” said Platte River Networks. “We partner with Techno Rescue—a fully certified Colorado Electronics Recycling and Data Destruction E-waste company. It is illegal and socially irresponsible to throw your electronics in the trash. Responsible electronics recycling also includes the safe and proper disposal of data still residing on old technology.”

On the Techno Rescue website, Platte River Networks’ director of business development David DeCamillis said his company “use[s] Techno Rescue for all our customers technology recycling needs.”

An attorney for Platte River Networks told reporters earlier this month that Clinton’s private server was made “blank” as of June 2013 but did not clarify how this process took place.

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