Clinton Uses State Nomination to Raise Funds

Hillary Clinton's nomination to become President-elect Barack Obama's secretary of state may give her the edge she needs to finally retire her massive campaign debt.

Clinton is using the nomination, which was announced Monday, to encourage supporters to give her money to help pay off the remaining $7.6 million debt from her presidential bid, the Washington Times reported Friday.

Although Clinton will be legally prohibited from raising money if she is confirmed as secretary of state, the Hatch Act governing executive branch officials and employees allows her presidential committee to keep raising funds.

A "congratulations" e-mail to supporters from former President Bill Clinton linked to a page soliciting donations to Hillary Clinton for President. And the Clintons are attending a fundraiser this month in New York.

Obama is also using the announcement to help raise money. On Tuesday, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe sent an e-mail to supporters that listed the members of the new national security team and included a "Please donate" button linking to the transition fundraising Web page.

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