Clinton Shouted Down By Black Lives Matter Protesters

Hillary Clinton was temporarily drowned out by a group of BlackLives Matter protesters Friday as she was giving a speech callingfor criminal justice system reforms to end racial profiling.

Clinton was speaking to a rally of more than 2,000 people inGeorgia when just under a dozen protesters yelled and sang “Black lives matter!” forclose to 15 minutes, until the Democratic front-runner becamealmost inaudible.

“Yes, black lives do matter,” Clinton said in anapparent attempt to appease the protesters, adding she had beenmeeting with representatives of the movement.

The crowd initially tried to shut down the protesters bychanting “Hillary! Hillary!” but were moresuccessful when they directly addressed the protesters and shouted“Let her talk!” The protesters eventually left theroom, and Clinton continued with her remarks, calling for drugsentencing reform.

Clinton promised to ban racial profiling among law enforcement, andreform crack and powder cocaine sentencing laws. “We’retalking about two forms of the same drug,” she said.“It makes no sense to treat them differently.”

Black Americans make up 80 percent of crack cocaine users, wherepowder cocaine users are typically white. The sentencing ratio of crack to powder is18:1.

Clinton also promisedto ban federal employers from asking about the criminal backgroundof job applicants in their initial interviewingstages. “People who have paid their dues tosociety need to be able to find jobs,” shesaid.

In a 15-minute August meeting with Clinton, Black Live Matteractivists accused her of “victim blaming.” She and herhusband were “more responsible than most”for mass incarceration in the U.S., activist JuliusJones told Clinton in the meeting.


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