Clinton has highest percentage of fake followers

An audit of Hillary Clinton's main Twitter feed, @HillaryClinton, shows that 41 percent of her followers are not real people, a far higher percentage of fake followers than all other Republican or Democratic candidates.

The audit was done by running Clinton's Twitter address through TwitterAudit, which quickly measures how many real people are following, and how many fake accounts are following.

According to TwitterAudit, most Twitter accounts have some fake followers, and anything with 60 percent or more real followers is considered "real." Clinton's falls just short of that threshold, as 59 percent of her followers are real.

In contrast, the same audit shows that 90 percent of Sen. Bernie Sanders' Twitter followers are real, and just 10 percent are fake.

Among Republicans, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie comes closest to Clinton, as 36 percent of his followers are fake. Close behind are Donald Trump and Ben Carson: 34 percent of their followers aren't real people.

Most of the other Republicans hover around 25 or 30 percent fake followers, although Sen. Rand Paul has the most authentic group of followers. Just 21 percent of his followers are fake.