Clinton: Don't know 'objective' of Benghazi hearing

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton says she will do her "best" to answer the questions of the Benghazi Select Committee next week, but she views the panel as partisan.

"I really don't know what to expect," Clinton told CNN's Jake Tapper during a Friday afternoon interview. "I think its pretty clear that whatever they might've thought they were doing, they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the Republican National Committee with an overwhelming focus on trying to — as they admitted — drive down my poll numbers."

Clinton's top aide, Huma Abedin, privately testified before the Benghazi committee on Capitol Hill Friday morning. Clinton has repeatedly said that she looks forward to testifying for the committee to set the record straight, but since House Majority Kevin McCarthy credited the panel with bringing down the Democrat's poll numbers, she has been more critical.

"I've already testified about Benghazi," Clinton said. "I testified to the best of my ability before the Senate and the House. I don't know that I have very much to add this is after all the eight investigations. I don't really know what they're objective is right now."

During the first Democratic debate in Las Vegas, candidate Bernie Sanders backed Clinton on her private emails.