Clinton celebrates foreign policy experience ahead of Benghazi testimony

Days before her Benghazi Select Committee testimony, Hillary Clinton's campaign released a five-minute long campaign video touting her foreign policy experience and her successes while serving as secretary of state.

The well-timed ad arrives as Clinton undergoes intense scrutiny for her role as secretary of state during the attacks in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012. The Democratic front-runner has taken four days off from campaigning in order to prepare for the meeting, which could be a major political event.

During the video, various politicians and diplomats who worked with Clinton while she was serving as secretary of state give their highest praise, describing her as an empathetic and "dogged" leader with an "iron will" and "vision for the future." Top U.S. officials such as former Secretary of State Madeline Albright and President Barack Obama vouch for the candidate in the video, although neither have given an official endorsement yet.

The ad praises Clinton for restoring ties with her political rival Obama following her 2008 loss, advancing the rights of women and girls worldwide throughout her career, standing up to Iran and negotiating a ceasefire between Gaza and Israel. Clinton also portrayed herself as a champion of LGBT rights worldwide, even though she didn't publicly support gay marriage until after she was gone from the State Department.