Clinton campaigns with aide linked to illegal 2008 'shadow campaign'

Hillary Clinton hit the campaign trail last weekend with a long-time adviser who allegedly helped steer funding to an illegal pro-Clinton “shadow campaign” in 2008.

Minyon Moore, a political consultant who led Clinton’s black outreach efforts in 2008, joined Clinton in Nevada on Saturday where the candidate met with African American business owners. The Clinton campaign has been vigorously reaching out to black voters ahead of Super Tuesday.

Moore has been a key adviser to Clinton throughout the 2016 primary race and a member of her National Finance Committee, but has largely avoided the spotlight. A Clinton spokesperson declined to comment on whether she is currently being paid by the campaign. Dewey Square Group, a consulting firm where Moore serves as a senior consultant, is on the payroll of pro-Clinton super PACs Correct the Record and Priorities USA, according to records.

Moore is mentioned, although not by name, in the federal criminal cases against D.C. businessman Jeffrey Thompson and political organizer Troy White. Thompson pleaded guilty in 2014 to conspiracy to violate federal campaign finance laws, and White pleaded guilty to failure to file corporate tax returns.

Thompson told the court that in 2008 that he personally financed an off-the-books $600,000 shadow operation for the Clinton campaign—which is also not identified by name in the court documents—in the Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Indiana, and Puerto Rico Democratic primary races.

White said he used Thompson’s money to organize and pay “street teams,” to hand out Clinton campaign materials and try to drum up enthusiasm for her candidacy against Barack Obama.

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