Remember when the media was all gaga for Chris Christie? We saw glowing stories after his reelection about his straight-shooting demeanor. Happy cable talkers panted about the New Jersey guv’s growing chances in 2016. He even made the cover of Time Magazine!


So long, love affair. Enter #Bridgegate, where members of his staff allegedly tried to make Fort Lee’s mayor “pay” for not supporting Christie’s reelection. It seems a plan was hatched to shut down lanes of the George Washington Bridge, backing up traffic in Fort Lee, hampering EMTs, and causing kids to be late for school. The evidence of foul play is in emails between staff members. Christie denies knowing anything about it.

All of a sudden, 2016 isn’t looking so hot. And the buzz is causing a big traffic jam on Twitter – even Hollywood actor Albert Brooks got in on it.

Beltway insiders and political junkies weren’t as funny, baring their fangs with dire predictions.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Notice the wrath comes from both left and right.

But a commensurate outcry comes from those who see a disparity in how the media investigates its leaders including National Review’s Jim Geraghty.

As Twitter jams go, this one was more like four lanes than three.


I usually don’t award a best scandal tweet, but Mother Jones’ David Corn made me laugh out loud by combining Jersey legends and infrastructure into a faux media statement.

Corn is the Boss of tweets today. Bonus points: Which Bruce Springsteen song is it?


D.C. society reporter Carol Ross Joynt reports on a shout-out to the Obamas both old and young. .

For $30,000 plus per child, per year tuition, he’d better have nice things to say – no matter who you are.


And here’s looking on the bright side of social etiquette from the Blaze’s Dana Loesch:

Maybe they can also save money by keeping the lights off. Or limiting bathroom visits?

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