Carson and Cruz bring in big bucks on debate night

Ben Carson and Ted Cruz raised large sums of cash for their presidential campaigns during CNBC's debate on Wednesday. The Carson campaign told the Washington Examiner it raised $500,000 from the start of the debate until midnight Eastern Daylight Time, and hauled in $2 million during the past 48 hours.

Carson's campaign raked in more than $20 million in the third quarter, more than any other Republican presidential candidate. As the Washington Examiner's David Drucker previously noted, Carson utilizes social media to bring in $600,000 per week on Facebook.

Cruz, meanwhile, raised more than $770,000 through midnight after the CNBC presidential debate, his campaign confirmed to the Examiner. His presidential campaign collected more than $12 million during the third quarter, placing him behind only Carson and Jeb Bush in total fundraising among the GOP campaigns. The senator touted his ability to amass small dollar donations and win over big money donors during the week leading up to the third presidential debate.

Carson and Cruz's sizable fundraising hauls may have been unexpected a few months ago, but both candidates' quarterly reports filed with the FEC show they have become moneymaking machines.