Car slams into Capitol Police cruiser; no nexus to terrorism

A “suspicious vehicle” rammed into a U.S. Capitol Police cruiser Monday afternoon near the Library of Congress, according to officials who said later there was no nexus to terrorism.

The incident began when a car being driven erratically came close to hitting the cruiser parked at its post along Independence Avenue. Then, a second vehicle crashed into the cruiser, Fox News was told.

Fox News is told that investigators determined the first car was not connected to the incident.

However, police were concerned about the trunk of the car that crashed. Fox News is told the first effort to blow the trunk open failed. Apparently the trunk flipped open, and promptly closed and locked again -- which is why USCP had to blow the trunk open a second time.

The driver of the second vehicle was injured and taken to the hospital. The officer in the cruiser sustained minor injuries.