Candidate Calls Fellow Dems Bozos

BLOOMINGTON, ILL.- In the campaign for the U.S Senate seat once held by President Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate, Alexi Giannoulias, took an unusual approach today while fielding a question on working in a bipartisan manner.

Saying that he has plenty of republican friends he then called some fellow party members "Bozos".

"I have (known) plenty of Democrats that are complete bozos- that's just the reality of it"

While talking to a mixed group of voters at a down state Illinois Agricultural round table forum, he promised his bipartisan support in an effort to get things done and move the state forward.

His opponent, U.S. Congressman Mark Kirk, R-Ill, also spoke at the event, however they missed a face to face meeting by mere minutes.

Watch Giannoulias' comments here:

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