Campus serial rapist survey debunked

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One of the most widely cited and uncritically questioned surveys on campus sexual assault has just unraveled.

No, it's not yet another 1-in-5 study, which purports to show that one in five women are victims of sexual assault in college. This one claims to show that the majority of campus rapes were perpetrated by a small number of repeat offenders. The study, authored by David Lisak, was first questioned last year by Slate's Emily Yoffe, who pointed out that the study's respondents were not limited to college students and couldn't be used as a representative sample of national college students.

Now, Reason contributor Linda M. LeFauve takes an incredibly detailed look at just how flawed Lisak's study truly is.

The most damning evidence LeFauve presents is that Lisak's study — which has since been used to claim that students accused of campus sexual assault are probably potential serial rapists — had nothing to do with campus sexual assault.