Campaigns React to Candidates' Debate Performances

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The candidates in Thursday night's Fox News, Washington Examiner Iowa GOP presidential debate began sending out their campaigns' reactions to the debate soon after it ended. Here's a collection of what they said.

Mitt Romney Communications Director Gail Gitchco:

"Mitt Romney was honored to share the stage with his fellow Republicans to debate the issues that are important to the people of Iowa and all Americans.

Tonight, Mitt Romney clearly won the debate by remaining focused on his message of creating jobs and getting the economy back on track by reversing President Obama's failed economic policies. Mitt Romney's strong record of creating jobs in the private sector, and when he was Governor, makes him the best candidate to defeat President Obama and lead the country toward an economic recovery."

Jon Huntsman Campaign Manager Matt David:

"This evening, the American people were introduced to Jon Huntsman and his vision for our nation.

He offered serious solutions to rescue and revive our flailing economy, rid our country of its cancerous debt, and build a more prosperous and secure future for our children and grandchildren -solutions that, unlike his opponents, he has already led and delivered on.

Gov. Huntsman distinguished himself as the only candidate with a proven record of creating jobs, in business and as governor; the only candidate with foreign policy acumen, who understands America can only project power abroad when we are strong at home; and the candidate with the experience and gravitas who is best-equipped to defeat President Obama.

Jon Huntsman is running for president because for the first time in our nation's history, we are about to pass down to the next generation a country that is less powerful, less competitive and less good. These are serious times, and Jon Huntsman is the serious, principled leader that America needs."

Rick Santorum Campaign:

"At tonight's Republican Presidential Debate, Former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) clearly showed why he is the best equipped and prepared Republican presidential hopeful to take on President Obama.

Once we got down to the issues, past the nonsense of the he-said/she-said, it was clear Senator Santorum was the one candidate who shined on stage. His depth of knowledge on everything from Iran's nuclear ambitions to the sanctity of human life was head and shoulders above the rest of the candidates on stage. Senator Santorum stood out by clearly showing he's the only Republican who will not just fight for conservative values, but has the record of results to match his rhetoric. The other candidates showed they could take direction and deliver their consultants' carefully crafted lines. Sadly this debate was geared toward the candidates long on promises but short on results.

Senator Santorum knew that the national media would try to ignore his record of backing up his rhetoric with accomplishment, which is why he has taken his message of freedom and conservative principles to the people of Iowa. Unlike the other candidates, the people of candidates have the opportunity to see Rick Santorum in their living rooms, not just on their televisions.

National Communications Director Hogan Gidley said, "No other candidate on that stage possesses the knowledge and leadership record of Rick Santorum. His record of ending the federal entitlement of welfare at a time when our nation is facing a fiscal crisis, banning partial birth abortions at a time when our nation is facing a moral crisis, and standing tall to foreign dictators in Iran and Syria when we have a president who had abdicated our nation's role as the global leader sets him apart from his competitors."