California mayor faces accusations he behaved inappropriately toward female city employee

The City Council of a Northern California town voted unanimously to let a grand jury investigate claims the town's mayor behaved inappropriately towards a city employee, Fox 40 reports.

The council's decision Monday was motivated by a 50-page report prepared by the unnamed employee's attorney. The report details multiple and sometimes bizarre incidents of alleged misconduct by Mayor J. "Chaka" Santos, the mayor of Lathrop, California, towards the employee.

In the report, the employee claims Mayor Santos approached her and said things "he should only say to his wife," Fox 40 reports. She claims the mayor called her "baby," held a handshake for "too long" and said he wanted to meet her after work.

The employee also claims in one strange instance Mayor Santos pretended to lick rubber bands the employee had previously held.

The report says the employee did not say anything for fear of ramifications at her job, but after a while began to feel "creeped out," Fox 40 reports.

According to the report, Mayor Santos denied the rubber band incident and said he felt most of his actions were misconstrued.

The mayor addressed the accusations at the City Council meeting before the vote, saying he wants the grand jury to clear his name.

"From my heart to all of you guys, what happened, happened," Mayor Santos said. "All I can say is that, if you decide to do so, let the Grand Jury decide, and let them decipher what is going on."

He also said he felt the accusations may have been politically motivated. Mayor Santos has served since 2010, and is up for re-election in the fall.

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