California Congressman Caught Speeding During Radio Interview

A California congressman learned Friday the dangers of driving while on air.

Rep. Dan Lungren, R-Calif., was forced to cut short a radio interview when he was stopped by police for speeding while he was talking to KFBK radio Friday morning.

The Republican from Sacramento was on his way from his Virginia home to his Washington, D.C., office when he was pulled over.

On the air, a police officer could be heard telling Lungren to hang up his phone. Lungren explained to the interviewer that he had been driving "probably just slightly over the speed limit."

Lungren spokesman Brian Kaveney told that his boss believes he also caught the officer's eye because he was using his phone without a handsfree device, though that is not illegal in Virginia.

Lungren got off with a warning, Kaveney said.

"He needs a Bluetooth," Kaveney said with a laugh. "Christmas may be coming early this year."