Cain to Make “Major Announcement” Saturday

Herman Cain has declared he will make a major announcement about the future of his campaign Saturday.

"Tomorrow in Atlanta I will be making an announcement but nobody is going to get me to make that prematurely," he said at a town hall in Rock Hill, S.C. "That's all there is to that. Tomorrow we're going to be opening our headquarters in Northwest Georgia. We will clarify, there's that word again, clarify what the next steps are."

His speech in Rock Hill was his last public appearance before meeting face-to-face with his wife at their home in Georgia Friday night -- their first meeting since allegations of a 13-year affair with Ginger White surfaced Monday.

"I am reassessing because all of this media firestorm stuff. Why? Because my wife and family comes first. I've got to take that into consideration. I don't doubt the support that I have. Just look at the people that are here. We got to look at what happens to contributions and we've got to look -- we've got to re-evaluate the whole strategy."

Cain has said he will make a determination whether to stay in the race after talking with his wife.

"I have been talking to my wife every day this week, many times during the day, with respect to this," he told Sean Hannity Wednesday. He added, "But the good thing is, my wife told me again today she loves me. It's not that she's doubting me."

He said he had been in touch with Ginger White because he was helping her financially but that his wife had not been aware of the correspondence.

"I thought it was a friend that I was trying to help. And so when you get blindsided like that, you can imagine what it felt like when in fact it didn't turn out to be a friend at all. And so that's another aspect of this that was not only hurtful to me but also hurtful to my wife."