Bush lays out warning about Clinton or Sanders presidency

Republican candidate Jeb Bush is warning that electing a Democrat to the White House next would would mean an expansion of the healthcare law that the GOP opposes, and argued in favor of his own plan to attack healthcare costs without expanding government.

In a Washington Post op-ed Tuesday night, Bush said Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders would "expand Obamacare, growing our debt and raising taxes in the process."

"My Obamacare alternative addresses the root causes of high health-care costs, offers patients more options and strengthens the safety net for the most vulnerable Americans," Bush wrote in explaining his conservative plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

According to Bush, his plan would lower costs by allowing consumers to make treatment choices "that are right for them," and not making an insurer directly pay all the bills. Patients, he says, would be able to choose from a "range of innovative coverage options," spend less on premiums and save for more out-of-pocket costs with a health savings account.

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