Bush intent on putting Rubio 'through the wringer'

Jeb Bush kept up his attack against Marco Rubio this week, and said his record of absences in the Senate is "fair game."

"I don't like criticizing people," Bush told The Wall Street Journal in an interview published Thursday evening. "But I do think that Marco, and any other United States senator and any other congressman, needs to show up, and so, Marco's fair game."

The freshman Florida senator will "go through the wringer, just like I'm going through it, and he'll have to defend himself," Bush said of the recent criticism of Rubio's missed votes and hearings in the Senate, as well as questions about his personal finances.

Rubio has said he won't criticize Bush, but in last week's third Republican presidential debate, the two sparred over Rubio's Senate record, and Rubio seemed to win the exchange.

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