Brown University student sues his accuser for defamation

In a rarity for campus sexual assault accusations, a Brown University student who says he was falsely accused is suing his accuser as well as his former university.

The student, referred to in court filings as John Doe, is suing Brown on the usual grounds of Title IX discrimination based on his male sex, breach of contract by the university and a denial of due process rights. Each claim has been used by other male students alleging wrongful accusation, to mixed success.

What makes this John Doe filing different is the separate lawsuit aimed at his accuser, listed as Jane Doe in court documents.

The lawsuit revolves around the events of Oct. 11, 2014, an encounter John says was consensual but Jane alleged was not. On that evening, John and Jane met at a party. John did not know whether Jane had been drinking and did not observe any behavior that would indicate she was in an impaired state, according to his lawsuit.