BREAKING: President Obama to Delay Overseas Trip to Work on Health Care

President Obama will delay his trip to South Asia next week to stay in town to work on health care reform legislation. The President had been scheduled to leave next Thursday, but will now delay his trip three days; leaving on Sunday, March 21st.

Additionally, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs Tweets: "[T]he First Lady and the girls will not be on the trip."

This didn't come as a total surprise. Here's Gibbs yesterday at his White House briefing:

QUESTION: You seemed to back off on the March 18th deadline a bit there by saying it could -- if it's a day or two -- but does the President still want this thing passed by -- that Senate bill passed by the House before he gets on the plane?

GIBBS: Well, again, if it takes a couple of days extra...we'd be happy to have it passed then, too.

QUESTION: Even if he's already taken off on the trip.

GIBBS: Even if he's already gone.

QUESTION: So he's not necessarily going to delay this takeoff.

GIBBS: Well, again, I don't have any updates for you right now on the trip, except to say the President is going on that trip.